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- There are a lot more information resources available, just a few clicks away from You:

- preordering yours [without any obligations, so we know, how low or big public interest is or will be]

- an on-line shop to order yours definitely (soon to come)

- an
infowiki, with lots of additional information

- a new
support system

- the manual. A wiki for our future customers 

- a discussion
forum for all

- a
status request about your order/preorder

- an
EUDSGVO request (mainly for our european customers)

- this is Mollys original
twitter channel

- and that is Mollys Mastodon channel, an alternative to Elon :)

- ok, another one: Mollytracker.de [a little bit more US stylish]

- you may also become our reseller here [outside European Union only]

miau :)


- Datenschutzverantwortliche: datenschutz@katzentracker.com

- - Contact1: miau @ katzentracker.com
- - Contact2: THREEMA
- - Contact3: online/offline, via tawk.to - see the black button in the bottom right corner of your screen


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